Tools & Tyres

Our father passed on. He left behind a few things.

If you are interested please send us an e-mail at

info@influential.se with your bid.

(Please use the number to the left, for example C1.

The Cars now have minimum prices.)

The Auction is over and the results are posted.

We hope to be in Poland this summer to meet some of

you, in Örebro in May and maybe somewhere else
(Kommer till Örebro den 7/5, tar bara med saker som är sålda!)

during the summer, but time will have to tell.

We understood that it could be difficult to place bids

from bad pictures alone. Now that all pictures, with

few exceptions, have been replaced we hope that

this is no longer a problem. Would you like better

pictures of anything, please tell us.

Per & Carina


Packing & Shipping.

We are now packing and will soon contact

you to go through all steps of the

process in detail.