IC is Vision.
If you ask, IC is Social Liberal Conservative Communist and Rather Sceptic Ecumenical
but foremost IC is thirsting for freedom.
IC is an Ecological, Spiritual and Non-profit Organisation.
A Producer of Thoughts and Communication set on inspiring the world to let go of fear and to strive for awareness. We work for a whole and healed world where people feel more useful than like used fools. Where we all love ourselves more and are able to accept they way our life turns out. Where we feel secure and full of faith and happiness. Where we have realized the potential and perfection of it all, and where sisters and brothers have come together.

IC is a Network
of designers, writers, photografers, thinkers, painters, actors, translators, builders, healers, talkers and doers. We do all we can as good as we can and we are willing to help.